Supporting new unit construction as well as existing plant/site improvements or upgrades, our network can provide boiler auxiliaries, replacement or refurbishment options. 

A178/A178M-02 Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel and Carbon-Manganese Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes, Grades A, C and D. 

Boiler Tubes

Meeting all critical quality and safety certifications, IMG’s resource can provide full packaged boiler design, or individual boiler support system/component manufacture

Boiler Condensate and Blow-down Tanks

Whether electric motor or turbine-driven, our network offers many years of engineering, design and fabrication expertise in developing a full boiler feedwater system.  We can also support aftermarket components for those obsolete or hard-to-find but critical items in your application.

Boiler Feedwater Systems   

Boiler Packages      

With IMG’s boilermaker resources, your old boiler can become new again, improving efficiency, service life and reducing maintenance costs.  We even have several rental/lease and lease-to-own options for critical, forced outage or short cycle demands. 

Boiler Refurbishment

With any boiler, removal of gaseous contaminants is critical to longer service life of critical boiler and steam turbine components.  Our network of boiler and feedwater systems experts provide numerous sources for your Deareator applications—from design to manufacture and installation. 


Boiler Applications

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